Dr. Bogdan Maglich - Chairman

"Bogdan Maglich is the man I admire" (Glenn T. Seaborg, Nobel Laureate and nuclear issues advisor to 7 US Presidents - on CNN)

BOGDAN MAGLICH is Chairman & Chief Technology Officer of CALSEC.

maglichAs an experimental nuclear physicist, he was honored for his discoveries and inventions by Presidents John F. Kennedy and Gerald Ford, President Bonvin of Switzerland and President Tito of Yugoslavia.

At various stages Dr. Maglich collaborated with world's leading physicists: Nobel Laureates Luis Alvarez, Werner Heisenberg, Glenn Seaborg, Murray Gell-Mann, Edwin MacMillan, Pavle Savitch (Co-discoverer of nuclear fission), Yuval Ne'eman and Vladimir Zworykin "Father of TV".

His discoveries and inventions include: discovery of omega meson, discovery of delta meson; neutron photometry; film-less spark chamber; missing-mass spectrometer, antiproton spectrometer; auto-collider (of accelerated particle beams), colliding beam fusion ('migma' fusion reactor) and atometry for noninvasive stoichiometric explosive detection which he is currently in the process of converting into cancer diagnosis and opened up the field of femto-medicine technology.

After obtaining his PhD in High Energy Physics and Nuclear Engineering from MIT as a UNESCO Fellow in record time (3.5 vs. average 5.5 yrs), his scientific career continued at UC Berkeley Lawrence Radiation Laboratory and CERN European Center of High Energy Physics in Geneva, Switzerland. Before MIT, he received a M. Sc. degree from University of Liverpool (UK) and a B.Sc. from the University of Belgrade. He was Professor of Physics at University of Pennsylvania, Joint Faculty Member at Princeton-Pennsylvania Accelerator Laboratory and Professor and Research Director at Rutgers University. Maglich was High Energy Physics Team Leader at Brookhaven National Laboratory, Argonne National Lab, and Air Force Weapons Lab (now Phillips Laboratory).

In the period 1982-86, Dr. Maglich served as Chairman and Scientific Director of the design of UK (Harwell)-Swedish-Saudi Consortium for King AbdulAziz University Research Center in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. In the period 1985 to 1987, Dr. Maglich was CEO and Principal Investigator of Aneutronic Energy Labs, Inc., which, in partnership with Bechtel Engineering, carried on a U.S. Air Force design of a space power plant for the U.S. Space Defense Initiative and served as Special Consultant to principal of SUMMA Corp.

In 1989, he played a lead role in the US program for converting Russian nuclear scientists from weapons to peaceful research, and for establishing post-Chernobyl safety measures for Soviet-built reactors in Eastern Europe. With Glen T. Seaborg, Dr. Maglich, founded Advanced Physics Corp. (1986) which evolved into HiEnergy Technologies (HIET), publicly traded, which he left in February 2006. He was elected One of the "50 Champions of Innovation", in global contest, by the Fast Company magazine in 2004.

Dr. Maglich was Editor and Publisher of Adventures in Experimental Physics book series and co-winner of Golden Eagle for best science education film in 1988, 'Unfolding Secrets of Pyramids of Egypt using Modern Physics'.


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