Alexander Suvakovic - President

suvakovicAlexander Suvakovic joined the company in 2009, and helped Dr. Maglich to start new company name California Science & Engineering Corporation, dba., CALSEC.  He has been president and Board of Dirsctors memeber since August 2011.  Mr. Suvakovic’s education and experience are in engineering and management for many years in USA and Yugoslavia.  He is a member of American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), and member of USA Project Management Professional Association (PMI).  He is recognized as a True leader, inspiring confidence in customers, employees and management with vision and energy to turn a vision into reality, and to energize others to deliver desired results. His Excellent communication skills gain trust and certainty within business and friend communities.  Mr. Suvakovic has managed different companies in different positions, as a president, as a director and as a manager.

He worked for Optimum Power Conversion, Inc., dba TESLAco, Irvine, CA, for 16 years starting as a manager and running the company as a president for more then 8 years. He managed the growth of the company, acting as a chief executive, financial and administrative officer.  Built a complete administrative and financial infrastructure, handled payroll, accounts payable and receivable, quarterly and annual reports, tax preparation, company insurance plans (workers compensation, 401K, medical, dental, life and disability insurance, liability and property insurance). Performed contract negotiations and acted as a chief customer interface, working with high tech companies: Boeing, NASA, European Space Agency, Ford Motor Company… He Managed development, new strategies and new products for company growth, and had complete responsibility for company’s day-to-day operations.  Managed employee relations and working schedule on a daily basis. Assured company profitability by juggling between customers, government agencies, funding agents and company employees. Also handled government agencies and insuring company’s relations.

Alex worked for a manufacturing company – Loutech, Inc., Chino, CA, as Director for Development and New Products. He Managed development of new strategies and new products for company growth. He was also working for Washington Mutual Bank, Arcadia and Pasadena, CA branches, as Assistant Financial Center Manager, assisting customers, managing branch employees, and running daily operations and assignments. 

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