Calsec Announces Key Personnel and New Investment Opportunities


Cliff Poh, International Vice President

Cliff Poh comes to CALSEC as an accomplished Entrepreneur, Lobbyist and Philanthropist. Cliff has a staggering amount of successful business experience and a wealth of knowledge in finance, property development, oil and gas, insurance and emerging financial technology including blockchain. Cliff has been an engaged by several countries looking to raise the economy with overseas investors. Cliff has personally worked with heads of governments and members of Royal families. Cliff partnered with Deloitte, Singapore to convince AXA to be the underwriters for Papua New Guinea. Cliff is a member of the Malaysian Global business Council and is highly recognized as a business leader in South East Asia and Papua New Guinea. Amongst many of Cliff’s proud achievements, the closest to his heart are those of helping others in need, Cliff has been recognized and honored by esteemed members of Royalty for his generous philanthropic ventures. Cliff sits on a number of prestigious boards as a trusted adviser and mentor to many successful business leaders around the world.


Nathanael Marler

Nathanael Marler comes to CALSEC as an accomplished Entrepreneur, Philanthropist and Visionary. Nathanael has worked with some of the most outstanding and prominent business and community leaders of our day. Nathanael has over 15 years experience, in residential and commercial property sectors. Nathanael is currently instrumental in paving the way for select sovereign governments to incorporate block chain technology into critical systems. Nathanael is a member of the Malaysian Global Business Council; he continues to give back to the community both locally and abroad. Amongst many of Nathanael’s proud achievements, he built and managed a successful not for profit charity and soup kitchens, giving needed food and assistance to thousands of families.



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