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Neutron Detector

Accord has been signed in Irvine with Zheijiang Elly Co. Ltd., to create CALSEC CHINA, a $25 million manufacturing plant for CALSEC products in Nanxun Economic Development Zone, Zhejiang.


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CALSEC Chairman, Dr. Bogdan Maglich, signs MOU with Zhejiang Elly Co. Ltd. Chairman Tang Yongquan, General Manager Wene Zhu, and Angelica Maglich, interpretor during negotiations.

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 *Sub-Nanotechnology operates at femto-meter wave-length, a million times smaller than nanotechnology.

Our Mission

CALSEC's mission is to manufacture and commercialize two classes of its unique proprietary Femto Sensor products for homeland security (police, hotels, borders, checkpoints) as well as diagnostic medicine. The technology named FEMPTO SENSOR is comprised of non-invasive, non-destructive sensors, that decipher in real time, the chemical formulas of unknown objects at distances of up to 6 feet... [Read More]
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