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GIX 700 Series ("Car Bomb Catcher")
A speed bump borne stealth, real time, noninvasive, dual role primary & secondary detector of large bombs (60+ Lbs) in car trunks and VBIEDs at airport parking lots, military checkpoints, and high security installations. The GIX 700 is a femto technology that enables chemical specific identification of concealed explosives and SNM. The explosives found in car bombs weigh anywhere from 60 to 1000 Lbs and are routinely used in the trunks of parked cars, mostly unmanned by terrorists in Europe and the Middle East. Our system has been successfully tested by AENA, the airport security agency in Spain, Turkish Bomb squads and the FBI. Car bombs can be detected within 10 - 30 seconds with an accuracy of 98%.

GIX 800 Series - IED Detection
A remote, robot borne, non-invasive secondary small to medium bomb, IED detection and confirmation system. Present IED detection systems are largely imaging based remote detection with high false alarms. GIX 800 eliminates the guess work and false alarms by quickly identifying the presence of explosive material concealed under rocks, dirt or in a suspicious package by giving the first responder real time chemical information. GIX 800 can also identify the type of explosive with high accuracy. This indispensable information can save lives of innocent bystanders and military personnel.

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