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Fast neutrons have a femto-meter wavelength, a millionth of a nanometer or the size of an atomic nucleus, allowing deeper penetration into matter. Fast neutrons interact 'locally' with each single atomic nucleus in hidden substances unaffected by molecular bonds. FNA enables the "counting" of individual atoms of elements within a molecule, which in turn, amounts to deciphering its empirical chemical formula. CALSEC's proprietary analytical algorithms synthesize the gamma spectrum data emitted by the irradiated specimen, outputting the precise chemical makeup of the target.

HIGH EXPLOSIVES: The majority of high explosives have higher densities than common materials. Nitrogen content of explosives is in close proportion to oxygen content (31% +/- 12 for N and 45% +/- 8 for O). Fast Neutron Atometry can exploit hidden materials to measure Oxygen and Nitrogen content used in most explosives in clutter as well as perchlorate and chlorate salts used in more exotic explosives.

1) Chemically Specific identification (via Atometry) of the presence of explosives.
2) 'Instant' - displays results online in 10's of seconds to 3 minutes, depending on size and distance.
3) 'Trans-Barrier' - operates through plastic, metal and up to 1" thick steel and other solid partitions.
4) Unmanned - requires no human intervention. Operates remotely via fiber optic or wireless.
5) Safe Radiation during neutron illumination, emitting 1 -10% that of CT and X-Ray doses.
6) Near Zero Radiation to humans after neutron illumination - practically no residual radioactivity. Gamma rays are emitted instantly, leaving little or no "activations" of the target material.
7) High Sensitivity: 97 - 99% (1-3% missing positives).
8) High Specificity: 97 - 99% (1- 3% missing positives).
9) Low basic cost.
10) Low Maintenance personnel - 1 Technician per 10 units.
11) Low Footprint - man portable.
12) Low weight.
13) Low Power requirement (battery powered OK)

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