CALSEC Mission Statement

CALSEC's mission is to manufacture and commercialize two classes of its unique proprietary Femto Sensor products for homeland security (police, hotels, borders, checkpoints) as well as diagnostic medicine. The technology named FEMPTO SENSOR is comprised of non-invasive, non-destructive sensors,  that decipher in real time, the chemical formulas of unknown objects at distances of up to 6 feet. Our sensor technology is based on Gamma and Neutron radiation. IEDs represent a quantum leap over the competing X–Ray based Explosive Detection Systems, “EDS.”  This ability to read chemical "fingerprints" enables real world applications in bulk explosive detection and in biomedical applications for diagnosis of malignant cancerous tissue.
CALSEC is the leader of a consortium of 4 universities* and 4 companies** for development of world’s first SUB-NANO TECHNOLOGY.  Fempto sensors  are standoff ‘instant’ chemical online analyzers of material, substances and human tissue for security, medicine, biotechnology and industry that use, as the probe, femto-neutrons whose wave-length is a million times shorter than that of X-Rays, nanoparticles or MRI (a femtometer is a millionth of a nanometer).
The technology (called DIGITAL DOG NOSE) eveloped by the CALSEC scientific team, in partnership with Hitachi, coupled to Artificial Intelligence custom made processor ENIGMA2, facilities 100 times faster explosive recognition than any system on the market for detection of IEDs (Improvised Explosive Devices), drugs (Cocaine) and bioagents (including anthrax).  They have proven to provide 97-100% accurate detection rates in field tests conducted by the US and foreign Law Enforcement agencies.
From bomb detector to cancer detector – technology transfer from defense to medicine
Major medical application of femto sensors is the invention of OncoSensor for early cancer diagnosis to provide need-free biopsy before the disease can be sighted by the imaging diagnostic methods.
*University of California Irvine: School of Energy & School of Medicine – Onco Imaging Center and Nuclear Reactor Facility
Purdue University Neutron Facility
Kansas State University Nuclear Engineering Center
Western Kentucky University Neutron Facility: 7 faculty members + G.S.
**Hitachi Consumer Electronics, Japan
NSD Fusion, Luxembourg, EU
St. Gobain Crystals, Ohio/France
Means Engineering, California
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