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CALSEC's sensors and gamma spectrum analysis algorithms support existing EDS systems, such as x-ray backscatter, CT and gamma radiography, by providing definitive identification of an object or anomaly by deciphering its chemical formula.

Commercial Applications
CALSEC's Explosive Identification (IED) systems are perfect for applications that require low fault analysis of atomic composition for hidden substances.

Polics and Security at borders
Car Bomb Detection (VBIEDs)

CALSEC is also developing
Industrial Sensors, Oil Industry, and Quality Control

AXIORTM 700 Series (Advanced Explosive Identification and Recognition) is geared toward stealth scanning of vehicle trunks at airports, impromptu military and police checkpoints and at high security installations. The AXIORTM 700 system is capable of remote, noninvasive detection of large bombs (60+ Lbs) in a matter of seconds, alerting authorities in real time.

Airport/ Baggage ScreeningAXIORTM 900 Series is a system used for Explosive Identification and elimination of false alarms working in tandem with present CT and X-Ray scanners as a scanner for checked baggage. In addition, the AXIORTM 900 can also detect SNM (Special Nuclear Materials) and bioagents.

CALSEC builds OEM Explosive Identification models to be integrated into multifunctional screening portals with X-ray and CT systems at airports. In addition, AXIORTM models can be added to custom designed explosive detection fixed systems at police, military and other sensitive sights world wide.

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